LightMeasure UV Exposure Meters

We offer ultra-violet (UV) exposure dose meters (also called 'integrators') designed specifically for artists who work with UV sensitive media such as:

  • Platinum or Palladium printing
  • Cyanotypes
  • Kallitypes
  • Van Dyke browns
  • Carbon prints
  • Solarplate™, ImagOn™ or similar photopolymer and photogravure processes
  • and similar processes which use UV light to expose an image

The meters are designed to enable the artist to get perfect exposures every time without the need to make test strips for every exposure, even when using light sources (such as the sun) where the UV levels might be variable.

You use the meter to establish a 'target UV dose' for your combination of light source and medium, which you only need to do one time. Then use this 'target dose' for future prints - you don't need to make any more test strips, simply use the meter to monitor the UV during the exposure step and stop when you reach the target dose. See here for more details and FAQs.

We offer 4 versions of meters suited to different situations: A short- and long-UV-wavelength version, with either an internal or an external sensor. Please click on the 'details here' links to find full specifications for each model along with a graph showing the spectral sensitivity of the sensor overlapped with the spectrum of several common light sources used by artists.

  1.   PPM-1 short wavelength                  Internal sensor                    240 - 370nm              details here
  2.   PPM-1 long wavelength                   Internal sensor                    350 - 450nm              details here
  3.   PPM-2 short wavelength                 External sensor                   240 - 370nm              details here
  4.   PPM-2 long wavelength                  External sensor                   350 - 490nm              details here
             The PPM-1 handheld UV exposure dose meters.

             The PPM-1 handheld UV exposure dose meters.

The PPM-2 UV meters with external sensors

The PPM-2 UV meters with external sensors

All versions have a similar control unit with a large, easy-to-read display showing the exposure data, a UV sensor, a start-stop button and an on-off switch. The main differences between the options are the sensitivity range of the sensor and whether the sensor is mounted internally or externally.

The meters are extremely simple to use: Repeated pressing of the green Start/Stop button will toggle the meter between its three modes: 

  1. Reset:  All readings are reset to zero; 
  2. Measure:  The display now shows the current UV intensity, the time in seconds and the accumulated UV dose since the measurement started.
  3. Hold:  The measurement is stopped and the measurements are frozen on the display to allow you to record the information if you choose.
  4. A further SHORT press will return you to step 2 to allow you to continue a measurement (useful for checking progress or while making test-strips), or a LONG press (3 seconds) will take you back to step 1 and reset the meter.

The exposure dose is the reading that will be of most frequent use to the artist. It is the total accumulated UV dose received by your print medium since you pressed the start button. Monitoring the dose during the exposure process and stopping once you reach the 'target dose' ensures your prints always receive the same exposure regardless of the intensity of the illumination.

The intensity reading has many uses: evaluating the intensity of ambient UV levels in the studio, measuring the relative UV transmission of materials, or comparing the UV intensity of different light sources. 

The time reading is the number of seconds since you started the measurement.

*** Please read these FAQs for information about measuring different light sources or using different media ***


Examples of our meters in use by our customers:

PPM-1 used for polymer photogravure - courtesy of Tariq Dajani, Spain.

PPM-2 with a vacuum exposure frame for Van Dyke Brown and Platinum/Palladium printing - courtesy of Mark Hilliard, South Carolina

PPM-1 and large format cameras for direct capture of platinum images  - courtesy Scott B. Davis, California

PPM-1 used for monitoring SolarPlate (TM) exposure dose, using sun for exposure and vacuum bag. Courtesy Ian Parker, California.

Using PPM-1 to monitor ambient UV intensity in studio during SolarPlate(TM) preparation